white wedding garments With lace

WARNING: super long but this one is for the future brides, bridal party, and anyone with a special event coming up looking for a seamstress!
1 year ago I picked up my wedding dress from My Seamstresses knowing it was going to need some help from another seamstress because the woman that was working on it could not get it right. But I had no idea how bad it truly was. I had such an awful experience with seamstress #1 and I tried to get in with several different & experienced professionals during my alterations but it was too close to my wedding and no one would see me. Due to desperation and being less than a month away from my wedding, one woman agreed to squeeze me in the same day I picked up my dress from seamstress #1. I refused to try my dress on at #1's house because (I thought) I knew what I was dealing with from the previous fitting.

At my appointment with seamstress #2 she thoroughly went through the entire wedding dress and was in disbelief with how awful it really was and the amount of work needed to salvage the gown. Unfortunately seamstress #2 was only able to cut the sleeves off (because they were so tight that they rolled off of my arms) due to her busy schedule and the amount of work that was needed on my dress. She then referred us to seamstress #3 who had a very similar reaction as seamstress #2 after again thoroughly going over every inch of the ruined wedding dress. Seamstress #2 was willing to bend over backwards and work night and day to give me back the dress of my dreams. It needed to be completely reconstructed and would've cost another limb. After making a rough decision, I decided to buy a whole new dress and I went straight to Something Blue in Schererville (which by the way has the absolute best customer service and actually care. Each time I had gone there, I never felt unwelcome and they always had the most patience and my best interest in mind. I would recommend them to everyone and anyone!!). Thankfully seamstress #3 only had minor adjustments to dress #2 and it was picked up ON my wedding day due to the very short amount of time that was given all because of the disaster from dress #1 and seamstress #1. white wedding garments With lace

In the end... 2 wedding dresses & 3 seamstresses later (yes, and a lot of money later) I did end up getting married to the most amazing man I could have ever wanted or imagined. I could've walked in wearing a garbage bag and it wouldn't have affected my day and how happy I was and am to have married my best friend.

This was a huge life lesson for me.
1) go with my gut...from the moment I met Penny I wanted to run out of the door. I had an awful feeling about her and the work she would do on my dress but I ignored my gut. 2) it's just a dress. It's just a part of the show, that's all. No matter what I wore, I still was getting married.
3) take action. If she were a decent human being, genuinely felt awful for ruining my beautiful dress, took responsibility for destroying it beyond repair, or even said from the beginning after commenting numerous times about my dress, "this is tricky, very very tricky" that it wasn't in her comfort zone I wouldn't be so bitter. But she was rude, disrespectful, VERY unprofessional, & made me feel like I needed to lose weight to fit in to my dress.

SO. Any future brides out there, or anyone needing alterations...if you want to risk your dress getting ruined, go right ahead & take it there. But keep my story in mind. I would recommend seamstress #2 & #3 to anyone! They were unbelievably fantastic!!!

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