what to wear for the sister of groom


Prodigious: very large
Serendipity: fortunate coincidence; unsought discovery
Uproarious: hilarious; hysterical; very funny
Dilettante: person who dabbles in a subject without serious study what to wear for the sister of groom
Inductee: novice; beginner
Manipulatable: influencable; controllable
Profane: unholy
Serene: calm; peaceful
Upshot: outcome
Diligent: hard-working
Feasible: possible and practicable
Indulgent: pampering; satisfying desires
Marred: damaged; spoiled
Pariah: an outcast from society
Urbane: sophisticated; suave; refined
Antiquated: outdated; old fashioned
Choleric: easily angered
Diorama: model of a scene
Fecund: fertile Inebriation drunkenness; intoxication
Marshal: to gather together
Parity: equality
Profound: having deep meaning
Servile: overly submissive; groveling
Usurp: take someone's position (usually by force)
Apathetic: indifferent; uninterested; lethargic
Chronicler: person who records historical information
Dirge: mournful song
Felicitous: apt
Ineffable: cannot be expressed in words