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This was exactly me a few years ago before i quit my job, packed the house up, moved out and took a sabbatical. The only thing different besides the fact they keep saying men or man is that I took the escalator and it wasn't as comfortable as I'd like but I knew it was what I wanted and it got easier within days of being on my trip. Don't hold back on your dreams just because its out of your comfort zone. I live in the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and i'm always hearing about how expensive it is and its only a "dream" in a lot of peoples heads to be here. Well come then! Have ambition! Have confidence that you will find the work that you desire and you won't have to be strapped for money. Within a half of a week here I unexpectedly was decided to stay rather than only staying a week for a airlines interview which I came to learn after brainstorming that it wasn't even what I wanted. I started a full time job making great money at a place that wasn't even hiring..... Untill the GM met me all suited up after several in person trips to her restraunt to give her my resume in person, the most beautiful restraunt in the North Shore. She had me start the next day! I wanted to be in hawaii and actualy enjoy my exploring, my time with my good friend wedding outfits with lace fabric Hoopes and living the north shore life. Not being laid over in airports, going 2 months with unpaid training and so forth. My travels are never easy but I push thru and have alot of beautiful times. You can do it! Take the plunge!