wedding dresses for women over 50


Warning this is a scam company. Three dresses came in the wrong color, my fourth bridesmaid has paid for her dress in full and Kay has been making excuses for days about why it isn't being shipped and now she she's not sending it. I don't think she actually has it even though she's collected the money for it.

The company has disappeared from Facebook and she's "out of the country" and has blocked us from talking to her on messenger. I guess I should have realized it was weird when the only way you can talk to her is on messenger and they don't have a real website.

I researched all of the dress companies I was considering but I was naive enough to think because it was a "canadian" company that it would be ok. We were lead to believe that she was a Canadian designer. The dresses actually come from China and she says the company is a "service company", whatever that means. wedding dresses for women over 50

My wedding is 6 weeks away and the dresses are a disaster with no time to order more. I have three red dresses instead of burgundy and two girls without dresses. I don't want anyone to get scammed the way we did so avoid this company.