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This Mixture Removes Spots, Wrinkles,
Scars and Acne
Olive oil and baking soda. These are all the compounds
you will need. Soda and olive oil contain minerals that
will make you skin glow, clean and healthy. The first
component can reduce acne and scars from the skin
face, while the other one will remove inflammation.
Olive oil is full of antioxidants, that sooth and
moisturize the skin, making it extremely soft. Together
these two ingredients can do miracles withyour skin.
This recipe is very cheap, just try it and see how
beautiful you skin will become.

Blend together some olive oil and baking soda in a small
bowl. Mix them until a thick-paste condition. Apply the
mask on your face when needed. Wait for 10 minutes
and let the mask dry, that will be enough to get a result.
Wash everything away with warm water. Apply this
mask every day until you get wanted results. Let a
month pass by and your skin will be completely clean. There will be no acne and blemishes, the face will be wedding collections With Lace Appliques in knee length
healthy and shining.