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My sugar daddy showed my doctors film. I was studying hibiscus. I swear was only gone 15 seconds. Supergirl handling insurance claims. People watching us land are excited. Yelling welcome don't go we won't tell anybody. I get to see grandma. She wasn't doing well then I did a twelve step procedure. She's really thankful I listened to doctors. He was insuring me for another post op. He swears Drew is never allowed in O.R. but he's really kidding. My baby doll is in love with a new kidney transplant. He owns a dialysis. I get upset cause he's super cool. I go clean grandpas house in Austin at New York residence while he records me. There's about 500 surgeon class general. One of them guarantees grandpa will be fine. She's a big fan of his baseball career. I fly back to Winslow. Replaced a heart valve aka eyelid. They were impressed. It was marphines syndrome I explain to her how to sterlize it and work it out. I get caught jerking off behind the counter when Arthur realizes Drew really knew everybody who owned and operated. I add them to Facebook. I've probably got to warn them there was some disturbing explicit things we were being charged with and why I didn't tell him I time travel. A day gone in seconds. He didn't blink. I was ok with the day he says. Then I realized he was Kendall. I was surprised his surgery was in love with me until Drew Pritchert showed up. I've been out as Reichen Lehmkuhl this whole time I explain. Thank them as Doctor Sheperd. Call me Derek Jeter filmer. I run off to Tokyo get in touch with my gardens. I'm going to buy Drew a house I promise myself. He shows uo after surgery. I forgive him for calling me trash. I told him sanitation doesn't always go out. I show him what I did. He poured me coffee. I fly home on coach. Ok I was flying the plane. I barely knew how . But they congratulate me for doing a complex distraction. I honored them with Yo Yo. She's a super god to put it in plain words. She taught me design. Graphic arts. I landed the plane after 40 minutes. Tell the lieutenants to come aboard. Hired a super mechanic to fly them. I promise him lunch and a house to crash at. Haha says Aaliyah Lehmkuhl I mean me swearing I didn't do back to back phone operation during if your girl only knew. Then a superman died. We got insurance to write a few checks. 8 grand donated. We choose a casket. My doctor said I did his surgery. I swear I never met the guy my uncle says. But then I realized I haven't ate and walked home really fast. I drew a park design. I'm falling in love with the design. I name it after my superman assassin. I break a few branches. The trees look better. I finally get home. Davids mad I'm about to call the cops then I go. Oh you wanted an operator today. Then I climb in bed and sleep an hour. Did all that as fast as I could. Then David calls both of my cells. I'm making sure grandma is on standby as I go to rest. I promise her more groceries when Drew says what money. I fell in love. Ulysses walks in. He's on weapons detail for social security. I thought that was cool. I offered a few more claims. Been tired. Laying down. Pretending not to know God is just next door. I go out and greet God. Hug God. Dressed and handsome. Bucky of Captain America series retaliation shows up for Drew Pritchert. I find out they been diagnosing me. I was lije crap you did those surgeries? They said no you did. I have type two diabetes and schitzo affective disorder. Means I have no clue of how to be diagnosed. I swear a bride is hitting on my author for insurance. I swear I haveto get back. Direct her to a class hero to help. Man my dad was pissed. I can't let him do surgery I tell them. He's not allowed until he operates the owners manual we selected for him. Now he knows complicated. He's impressed. We just filmed half of greys anatomy during man of steel. Greys surgery is rest of the movie vogue chic garments for prom