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If this thousands of people didn't quit AIM GLOBAL despite the challenges we have had earlier this year, how come you quit and join other networks? Are you the only one affected?

AIM GLOBAL is far better than all those new companies with fancy promises.

Ask the top leaders who left AIM GLOBAL and join Phyto science. Phyto science paid direct ref of 10k and matching of above 20k. But where are they now?

Today, Phyto has down, very down. Those leaders who joined it have joined another company trending now called Super life. Its also new and promises heaven and earth.

Check out our 'former' top2 who left AIM GLOBAL to join Royal. See his new look and you will know things are not as usual.

When they leave, they lure you to follow them, they hit their big money and leave you stranded. You don't have their skills, their connections and their strength. But you blindly follow them. They use you and hit big money and company will crash and you're dumped.

Joining Network marketing companies that registers with less money like 6600 or 10k or little more, doesn't help either.

You're also going to invite, prospect, recruit, train and build network before you become a millionaire. It is the same rain everywhere.

And those cheap ones don't last. At most 4 years they crash. And leave you stranded.

Check Network marketing companies that has lasted over ten years, their registration is normally higher, even far higher than AIM GLOBAL.

Don't allow yourself to be deceived by cheap registration, that people can afford it easily than AIM GLOBAL. That the economy is bad, therefore people can't afford 70k or 38k. Thats pure fallacy. The only limitation you have is the one you place in your mind.

Tough up your game and play it well. Don't be a coward to face life challenges. Training will reduce your suffering.

Our only problem is our own personal laziness to learn. Our bunch of excuses.

Don't you see everyday that people are joining AIM GLOBAL in massive numbers? Don't you see the attendance of anniversary?

Even in our group here, if someone leaves, another new person will be added. Business is moving.

People are still joining every minute. The only difference is that people are not joining you. So the problem is not AIM GLOBAL. The problem is not network marketing. The problem is YOU.

YOU are the only difference between success and failure. So jumping from company to company will never help you.

I have seen many people who quitted Alliance, they look more frustrated than before, even some of them have quitted Network marketing entirely.

So it is not company. It is you. It is taking it seriously. It is reading motivational books. It is attending office trainings. It is going close to uplines and asking questions. It is watching network marketing YouTube training videos. It is being awake in the night researching, downloading, brainstorming. It is giving this business serious attention. Learning and learning and learning for at least 4 years. Fifth year, you become a millionaire. vintage style wedding apparels back Tulle Overlay 1950s

This is not get rich quick. Many of you who did get rich quick by joining ponzi lost a lot of money, and you're regretting it. Life is hard generally.

Changing company is never the answer. The cheap companies will fold quickly. And AIM GLOBAL terminates your account once they found out you're in another company. And all your suffering is gone. And you become much more stranded in the future.

AIM GLOBAL still remains the best company. Check our daily seminars, weekly trainings, daily payment, fun, big connections, marriage opportunities to meet life partners, no compulsory selling; check out events like yearly anniversary, leadership conferences, BMS, and other happy moments. Which other company do all these things in Nigeria? Don't let impatience destroy your dream.

It is not easy anywhere. Network marketing is far better than job or traditional businesses. These once are to solve your temporary problems but prolong your suffering. Network marketing is temporary suffering (like 5 years) and gives you lifetime success. Suffer once and for all in AIM GLOBAL.

Come back with full force and do your business. Buy and sell to have sustaining money. Then learn and recruit along the line. Push harder and harder. Break the chain of poverty forever.

Some will make it. Some won't. But be among those who will make it.

If all these thousands of people are still actively doing Alliance and you're not, then ask yourself a question. Are you the only one?

I am encouraging you today. This country is hard now. Very hard. Hunger is too much this days. And you have a wonderful opportunity like this, please utilize it.

It will be somehow, if after 10 years, you see some of our members who didn't quit, living big. Become very rich and happy in AIM GLOBAL, but you're not among them because you quitted within two years because of challenges. Every good thing takes time.

Come back and reclaim your dream. Start all over again.

There is no gain deceiving yourself that you're still in AIM GLOBAL but you're secretly doing other networks. Many of you including leaders are secretly doing other chewing gum or bread and butter companies.
And you're hiding it.
Pretending to still be here.

If AIM GLOBAL finds out, they block your account because it is against company policy. And your suffering is gone.

Here is the divine truth: you will WOEFULLY fail in both of them.

You can't hide your way to success. If you're done with Alliance, come on, be bold, declare it openly, so that company will block your account, then you leave and concentrate fully in your new company and grow your team. Which is good.

It is against the law of nature to serve two masters at the same time. Even Bible condemns it.

Declare it open and leave for good, and stop playing Secret Society with your future.

If you're in Alliance, be fully in. If you're out, be fully out. Don't be average. Don't take it easy. Be actively in or actively out. There is no gain deceiving ourselves.

Success respects the bold. AIM GLOBAL is not the only means to become successful.

Be in or be out shekina.

But I encourage you, stick to AIM GLOBAL. I have been to many networking events. I haven't seen anything close to Alliance... If you leave and they block you, you will surely regret.

Those who left are already regretting.

If you will want to still build your AIM GLOBAL, let us unite together again. Form our family and work actively together. I still believe 100 percent in AIM GLOBAL. THis is my life time business. And I really believe, I have not started yet. Business is bouncing back fully. Let's start all over again.

There's is future in AIM GLOBAL. if you believe this, type "I believe".

Let us see how many that is still with us for real. Power...

I BELIEVE.... let's go