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Some Common Abbreviations for Doctor's / Pharmacists.

1.Medical abbreviations -

Rx /rx- prescription ...
Dx/dx - diagnosis
Hx /hx- history
Sx/sx - symptoms
Tx/tx - treatment
Abx - antibiotics
Bx - biopsy
h/o - history of

BP - blood pressure (can also mean bipolar)
LP - lumbar puncture (also known as a spinal tap)

pt - patient
PT - physical therapy

pre-op - before an operation
post-op - after an operation

Medi/Medi - person has both Medicare and Medicaid

2.Doctor/specialist abbreviations-

GP - general practitioner
NS - neurosurgeon
Neuro - neurologist

OS - orthopedic surgeon
Ortho - orthopedic

PM - pain management doctor
PCP - primary care physician
Rheumy - rheumatologist

3.Illness abbreviations -

ACM - Arnold chiari malformation
AS - aspergers syndrome

BP - bipolar (can also mean blood pressure)

CFS - chronic fatigue syndrome
CMP - chronic myofascial pain
CTD - connective tissue disease
CRPS - complex regional pain syndrome {also RSD}

DDD - degenerative disc disease
FMS - fibromyalgia
GS - gluten sensitivity

IBS - irritable bowel syndrome

MS - multiple sclerosis
OA- osteoarthritis
PN - peripheral neuropathy

RA - rheumatoid arthritis
RSI - repetitive strain injury
RSD - reflex sympathetic dystrophy {also CRPS}

SLE - lupus
TMJ - temporomandibular joint disorder
TOS - thoracic outlet syndrome (can also mean Terms of Service)

UTI - urinary tract infection
URI - upper respiratory infection

4.Medication abbreviations-

BID - twice a day
TID - three times a day
QID - four times a day
PRN - as needed

q4h - every 4 hours (and q6h means every 6 hours, etc...)

a.c. - before a meal
p.c. - after a meal (also sometimes abbreviated PP)
h.s. - at bedtime
p.o. - orally

AD - antidepressant
AED - anti epileptic drug

LA - long acting
SA - short acting
BT - breakthrough medication

ER - extended release
CR - controlled release
SR - sustained release
IR - immediate release

APAP - acetaminophen/Tylenol (known as paracetamol in other parts of the world) v neck styled garments of the wedding

OTC - over the counter (no prescription from a doctor needed)

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