sweet sixteen dresses

Sweet sixteen......it doesn’t seem quite that long ago that I held this blue eyed baby girl for the first time. I fell in love with her instantly. We played dress up, we played “babies”, we played hide and seek while she never wanted to be “it”, we planted flowers together, we shopped for HOURS only to to find nothing she liked ? , we have laughed until we almost wet our pants, we’ve cried together when days were difficult or just because we are both cry babies, jammed and danced on long car rides, and we still cuddle at night before bed because she still likes to be tucked in.....Lord please know how much I love this precious baby girl of mine and all of our sweet memories. Hannah Mott , I love your sweet, tender heart, your silly laugh and beautiful smile. From your fashion advice, heart to heart talks, soft long hugs, to your sweet and always on time “I love you momma”, YOU are my heart precious girl. Momma loves you more than you may ever realize. Keep your trust and faith in God and always know that momma is your number 1 fan and supporter!!! I love you sweet Hannah sweet sixteen dresses ❤️ to the moon and back again! Happy Sweet Sixteen baby girl ? ☺️