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All these babies dying from a "kiss" but nobody knows who kissed them and gave them said problem. Um no. I'm just going to say it, I don't care, these babies were infected from the vaccines. Babies also coming down with herpes from a "kiss" and again, no one knows who kissed them that had herpes. Just start paying attention. We're poisoning our children, our children are basically human lab rats. short cute prom outfit in white
But nobody cares because we have been brainwashed into believing "vaccines saves lives" but eh, if a child has to die for the good of the whole, well who cares right? Even when the vaccine insert list all the side effects, everyone just says "well they have to list it" Well Yeah, because it's a side effect, it happens! Not my child! I'm done with all the lies!

Baby Who Died From Meningitis After Kiss Is Laid To Rest In Small Pink Coffin The parents of baby Mariana hope her death will serve as a warning to all new