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Something that is beyond tough after a show is the mental struggle that comes with adding body fat. You work your ass off for months in order to get to an absurdly lean physique, then in the weeks following you have to watch it fade away. This can be a challenge and can honestly cause a sort of depression in a lot of people. This also causes a lot of people to gain a few pounds and then have the urge to diet again even though they ... are still lean.

There is really only one thing that will fix the negative body image after a show and that is TIME. You must realize that our brain always needs time to re-calibrate to a new situation. You have spent months in an extremely lean state. This became the norm, now you must spent a period of time in your new state for it to feel right.

A perfect example is when you are driving. Have you ever been driving 80mph on the highway and then pulled off and had to go 60mph? It feels like you are CRAWLING! You have become accustomed to a certain speed and now it's hard to slow down. However, if you are driving 40mph and then have to speed up to 60mph is feels like you are really going fast. Your time spent in a given situation will dictate your perspective when your situation changes. However, your brain will always adjust to the "new normal".

I'm not immune to this myself. Several weeks after my last show I remember I was about 8 lbs over show weight. By anyone's standard I was still shredded. I remember a moment where I looked at myself in the mirror and thought "I look terrible right now". Then I reminded myself, NO YOU DON'T! I still had a look that most people on stage would kill to have, not to mention 99% of the rest of the world. However, it still isn't enough to change my perspective. Only time could do that. Now here I am a year post show and I'm 22 lbs over show weight and I'm extremely happy with the way I look. prom garments in white color

So if you are struggling post show you need to fight the urge to diet down again. Just let yourself get used to your "new normal". If you spend enough time at a certain weight, I promise that your brain will eventually re-calibrate and you will learn to feel comfortable there.

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