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# JD 's Short Stories
Duckworthe Lewis Method

Rohit was informed of an urgent official assignment and he was designated to leave on the Rakhi Day..Ahana planned everything to celebrate the Rakhi Day with his brother at Mumbai while she was studying in Pune.She got to know this from his brother over a phone call during the evening time on Sunday. Suddenly the sister in her was beaming with anger as she said ,"Can't they wait for just 1 more day to send you to South Africa".Rohit replied on call ,"Ahu it's okay ,next year double dhamaka on rakhi .Now don't cry it's ok we will talk on Video Call .Achcha do you know where is my passport holder?".Ahana disconnected the phone saying a big NO.Rohit smiled on the kiddish behavior of his sister. He remembers how Ahu was always on time on this only day of the year.On this day,she never gave any excuses of waking up later or forgetting things..Ahana is 4 years younger to Rohit but on preaching terms she is much older than Rohit .With a heavy heart the duo went to sleep in different cities.Ahana woke up to the call of the door bell.She was amazed to see a person unknown wanting to deliver a scooty which came in the name of Ahana..and the card read ,"Let the Dhamaka happen right away!!!!".Ahana calculated something and after that he rushed to the red scooty wearing the pink helmet.
In Mumbai,Rohit was doing the last minute packaging of things and his mom was guiding him.This was the first onsite assignment of Rohit and he was equally excited and sad on having to leave exactly on the Rakhi Day.He took an auto rickshaw and left for the Airport after the round of blessings from his parents.Rohit was supposed to visit Pune,now he is visiting South Africa.30 mins after the auto left,Rohit's mom could see a panting, pink headed Ahana came in search of her Bhaiyya.On listening to this she left immediately and called Rohit to know his whereabouts.Rohit informed,"I am doing baggage checkin and will go to the immigration soon."Ahana speeded up the scooty heading towards the airport.Rohit had no clue on why she was asking .Ahana reached airport and asked Rohit to come outside.Rohit thought his sister was crazy enough to do this prank on him .Ahana said,"I am standing outside the Mumbai International Airport".Rohit turned his back to see a pink dressed woman with pink helmet standing curiously and looking here and there.He came near the entrance and called "Ahu how did you come here in your pyjamas."The big moustached army personnel stopped him from going outside as it was not the exit gate .Rohit pleaded saying how Ahana came riding the bike from Pune .The security guard was adamant and he won't allow .When things were out of Ahana's way,she tried the Duckworthe Lewis method and woah it worked absolutely this way.Tears can buy you anything ,she knew right from childhood days. pink color wedding bridal selections
Ahana hugged his brother tightly to literally take of Rohit's breath and said "Thank Youuuu for the scooty.My first ride was only for you.. Bhaiya..".A Rakhi was taken out from a new passport holder and she tied it on Rohit's hand.The moustached security was amazed to see the entire happenings in the entrance .
The brother sister bade good byes and parted off ;one tired with journey but happy with the outcome,while the other soon to be tired with journey but happy with the early outcome.
Who would understand that Ahana was Rohit's step sister.

Wishing a very Happy Rakhi ..
Rameswari Barman
Stay safe and enjoy .
And we, brothers let's be the supportive wing to enable your sister to fly.