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Heat stroke

Don't use cold or chilled drinks like lasi, overuse of water melons is bad for your health. If you love to eat half or one whole water melon in one session be ready for bloating, weight gain, irritability, and heat stroke. Remember heat stroke is the result of over cooling of your body and is managed by warm or hot drinks like tea. While in medical practice I managed heat stroke patients by infusing drips and cold drinks, see how ignorant is medical system. Don't ... play with your body temperatures your heart, brain, kidney, liver and joint system needs warm blood to work and keep you alive. In order to protect from heat stroke, avoid sudden change of temperatures, less meat and spices, and avoid cold foods. Always take fruits in a combination, lasi, Sattu, and lemonade which is mildly cold is safe to take. When going out cover head and neck area with wet towels and drink 3-5 litres of room temperature water, use ghara to cool water. mom dresses for wedding

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