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This is it, last holiday post, last museum, last mountain, last sleep in Peanut, We are always (usually) the smallest RV. This photo shows us beside the most impressive coach George saw. Aren't we cute and homey next to this behemoth?

Amazing photos old and new at the Stewart museum, can you imagine those poor horses? Packing heavy loads over meters deep snow to build mines and homes and towns? I learned about the town that 'vanished', Aniox, a thriving mining town until 1935 when the company decided they weren't making enough profit and closed the mine. Company towns, eh? Anyway, it is on the Alice Arm, I wonder if a person could find the townsite now? 82 years later. A person might find some treasure if they could find the place.

We saw this eagle nest somewhere on Hwy 37, no-one home at this time of year, of course, but it was interesting to see. Then we drove in to Old Hazelton and went to the ancient village museum for some more amazing sights. These totem poles are really old, I love them. In the old way they are not treated in any way and allowed to decompose in their own time. I wonder how many years ago the one laying down was carved? I didn't get to spend as much time there as I wanted, I think George is museumed out!

So then we stayed in funky little Smithers on the banks of the Bulkley River. I had a snack attack and we took a taxi to the Petro Can and pigged out on chips and chocolate while we watched Minority Report...how decadent! Made the cab drivers night!

We walked down Main Street before hitting the road for home, it is a nice town, quiet on Sunday morning. This plant with the yellow flowers, does anyone know a different name for it than potentilla fructicosa? I learned this one as an indicator plant when I took forestry and it only had a Latin name even then.. then I saw it at a nursery. It doesn't seem to have a common name, everyone calls it potentilla and that bugs me. I finally saw it for the first time in the wild on this trip, in the bogs around the Liard Hot Springs and then again at Boya Lake. long plus size bridesmaid dresses

When we were walking on Main St I saw some fabulous dresses in the Fields store but it was closed. So we went in to the Fields store in Fraser Lake and they had them there. I love Fields! They are just so darn cheap, I miss having one in PG. Anyways, these sundresses were only $20!! On the tag it even said M.S.R.P. $50. So I got 3 of them. What a great climax to a memorable journey!!