knee length bodycon red color dress

So a dumb shitstain said this Mark Twain shit to me today, "If you dress like a whore, expect to be treated as such & don't be surprised by inappropriate comments or inappropriate behavior." I asked this fuckface to elaborate on these words of wisdom, to which they replied, "If you get unwanted behavior or comments you are asking for it."

After I contemplated if I wanted to spend the night in central booking for roundhouse kicking this miserable, Neanderthal in their fucking spleen I decided I was too fucking fabulous for 3 hots & a cot and replied as follows.

[Almost verbatim, some minor changes. I said "FUCK" a fuck of a lot more.]

This might be the single most ignorant verbal sputnum that has ever spewed from an upright animal's mouth. First off, what the fuck does a whore dress like??? Are we talking about stereotypical revealing clothing or lack thereof?

Because I have seen "whores" in brothels who are in costumes & lingerie.

"Whores" on the corner of Washington Blvd. & Patapsco Ave. wearing dirty shit-stained jeans & a ratty t-shirt.

High-priced call girls who are wearing Dolce & Gabbana dresses, red-bottom heels & Cartier bracelets & earrings.

I have seen "whores" that are in scrubs because they are doctors or nurses.

First you need to define a whore & that varies depending on your moral or societal opinion or definition. There is no whore uniform. They tried that back in the day with making women wear scarlet letters, you might as well burn me at the stake for witchcraft while you are at it...oh wait forget that last statement. I still have shit to do & countries to conquer, I'm not trying to burn yet.

Not that this is ANYONE'S business, but I am an open book so fuck it, (literally!)

I did not engage in fornication until I was 22. How many "non-whores" can say that?
I can count the number of people I have carnal knowledge of on one hand with fingers left over. I have to save some for masturbation.
How many people can claim that?!

I'll wait...

Even though there are many women who have had triple my sexual partners that does not a whore make either.

Let's not get into the double standards where men get high-fived for their sexual conquests & celebrated as "The Man!" Meanwhile women are ostracized, ridiculed & called, yes, that catch-all word again a WHORE!

For all the religious people, was Eve a whore because she was naked except for a fucking fig leaf? Oh, that's right, she was tempted by the evil devil in snake form. See how women have been portrayed as whores since forever! Meanwhile Eve was just tired of Adam's bullshit & the devil knew how to use his tongue.

My main point in this whole post & soliloquy is that it does not matter if I am wearing a turtleneck & khakis (more obscene & offensive than ANY outfit I have worn or barely worn!)
Or if I have no clothing on at all, that in no way correlates to me "wanting" or should "expect" lewd comments or inappropriate behavior.

This savage way of thinking has bred a culture where women are sexually harassed, abused, raped & feel as if it is THEIR fault! A culture where women are afraid to come forward about being victimized because of the social stigma attached to it & the double standard that permeates our society.

Or when a woman finally DOES come forward if it is a rich, white boy from an Ivy League school, it is dismissed, the victim is further victimized & the piece of shit rapist is free to wear blazers, trousers, knee-high socks & rape AGAIN!

Let me not even get into the legal aspects where there is a statute of limitations on how long victims have to come forward & press charges against their offenders. Despite the fact most victims are too scared to come forward with the abuse they suffered for several years due to the reasons I listed above as well as threats & fear tactics used by said sexual offenders. Which is why this archaic law needs to be amended in every state, every fucking where! knee length bodycon red color dress

So let me end on this note, NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! No matter how nude or concealed it is. Because if you do & say inappropriate things you may come up missing your larynx & if you go to touch someone inappropriately you may pull back a fucking stub.

I will NEVER be ashamed, be shamed or feel bad for being comfortable with my body & being semi-nude or buck-ass naked. I will always have a nip-slip & need a censor on a photo while haters & rejected fucks hit the report button with one hand while masturbating with the other.

I'm now off to sit in my house nude writing to legislators about animal abuse laws being amended. You know "whore"-type shit.