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The epiglottis is a flap
that is made of elastic
cartilage and attached ...
to the entrance of the
larynx. It is covered
with a mucous
membrane and there
are taste buds on its
lingual surface which
faces into the mouth.
[20] Its laryngeal
surface faces into the
larynx. The epiglottis
functions to guard the
entrance of the glottis,
the opening between
the vocal folds. It is
normally pointed
upward during breathing
with its underside
functioning as part of
the pharynx, but during
swallowing, the
epiglottis folds down to
a more horizontal
position, with its upper
side functioning as part
of the pharynx. In this
manner it prevents
food from going into
the trachea and instead
directs it to the
esophagus, which is
posterior. During
swallowing, the
backward motion of the
tongue forces the
epiglottis over the
glottis' opening to
prevent any food that
is being swallowed
from entering the
larynx which leads to
the lungs; the larynx is
also pulled upwards to
assist this process.
Stimulation of the
larynx by ingested
matter produces a
strong cough reflex in
order to protect the

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