gypsy quinceanera wedding ball items

A&E: lmfao "grab them hot towels baby" lmfao just so u know Alyssa i dont like my feet rubbed thats for women and women to receive only its werid for me to receive it u know? I dont even like my feet touched just saying theres a reason women decorate their toes and men dont
Paul Walker)
#3 (Modern day Lisa/Honeymoon part 4) of off (Alyssa/WonderWoman 3rinity AC)
Alyssa: you booked the flight for the honeymoon right?
E: flight? we can fly there
Alyssa: E! don't do this cheap ass Jewish shit with me I'm not fucking flying i just got my hair done
E: really if hairs the reason it's guna get fucked up in bed anyways
Alyssa: you're so aggravating we're using the jet I don't wanna deal with people.
E: whatever I just thought it be more romantic us flying touching the clouds and all
Alyssa: it would be but I'm exhausted baby the wedding lasted forever my feet hurts from wearing heels all day I was hoping you would rub them while we talk?
E: Yea I got you I'll call the pilot now...
Background noise: Alyssa&E get on their jet, Alyssa sits across from E while E gives her a foot massage and the conversation goes...
Alyssa: use the hot towel baby just like that, omG it feels amazing. Baby what's the point?
E: point of what?
Alyssa: Going on a honeymoon everydays been a vacation with you
E: AWWW it's whatever u wanna do boo
Alyssa: rub my feet for 19more mins then we hit the studio money don't take vacations boo
E: oh man that's why your wifey
Background noise: 19mins later........

A&E: Once upon a time in a far away world called earth lived a young princE in a small secluded town, He had a pet phone he called her galaxy, Imprisoned by family he would spend most of his days and time playing with her. One day while playing a game of browse the net he got lost in the woods onto a site called Facebook like instinct he typed his email & password our young princE had discovered a portal a whole new world where he could interact with ppl without leaving his castle our princE wanted to look more presentable to his subjects so he went onto his photo albums while doing so he stumbled upon a prom picture he had taken with a Princess and her beloveth Friend a long long time ago, He had decided to investigate her so he typed her name at the search box Alyssa E he typed enter, By pressing enter our young princE hadn't realized what he had just done he had sealed his Fate, Caught on Webs of love tangled in it escape was but a mere fantasy impractical futile the Black Widows reputation preceeded her known for killing her male spouse after sex but this time around evolution destiny u might say took place she pardoned him sparing his life legend has it her restraints rationalized by the way he gazed upon her looking onto her as if he had found something in her eyes in such a way a cop would search a suspects car looking for evidence of a flaw baby it's safe to say ur against the law flawless lawless illegal do you have a permit for that heat you're carrying HOT got the devil looking cool i guess looking beautiful is a crime life without parole ur street Illegal HOT ROD no license plate no owner I'll bone her wifey husby yes baby your dick is looking husky fuck me lust me now love me I'm yours permanent permit pink paper slip that dick in there I wanna scream louder than sirens just like that yes Oh yes oh fuck yea fuck me harder E harder harder HARDER! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haha alot of guys have called you sexy gorgeous beautiful lovely hot etc etc I'm telling u that ur beautiful watch me do surgery on that word operation gloves on digging in deep starting with your hair touching ur ass everytime you walk like their playing pat a cake pat a cake speaking of ass like yours is on steroids growth hormone cells just keep multiplying cancer it's not small not too big it's perfect got me going back to the word flawless ass tits are nice like Eeny meeny miny moe wat color of skittles are they tho pink nipples brown nipples cherry what? I'm tryna taste the rainbow the excitement of finding out is making my dick salute you paying its respects haha That face that Barbie looking face damn yo its not something u can describe but the feeling is crazy making eye contact with Medusa frozen like a stone cold statue with a heart beating faster harder the vibration from it is so intense nurse Jackie can get a pulse from any body part like hold me hug me you won't need a massage chair sit down relax your legs are nice smooth like ur polished nails shining baby your glowing I see it in your pictures in person I would faint STAR-STRUCK it's too much ur too much got me feeling less of a man ugly BEAST having the look people pay plastic surgeons to make them look like you who is you u is Alyssa I asked Google about your name it just described beautiful and I quote "pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically" and that smile of yours makes your wedding ring look fake this is the hardest verse I've ever had to write it's easier describing how I wanna fuck you but writing this makes me wanna fuck you some more your Beauty can't be described it's something that has to be shown silly men with their gestures opening doors being extra polite well mannerd ppl you don't know telling you goodmorning Hi ur standing in line a little extra close for strangers any closer they'll smell the scent of ur shampoo your smiling more than usual from ppl smiling at u it be rude not to smile back so ur avoiding eye contact you wanna be as real as you can be you wanna be Alyssa not Melissa I see you baby pupils on sync with my eye others see brown I see wat makes it brown like a tree during the fall right before its leaves leaves the twig that color it has that's what I see a family branch a dynasty u and I starting something so beautiful so bright so extraordinary far from ordinary a daughter so gorgeous pure and eccentric Disney will make a princess story just for her TRINITY she'll look just look her mother same beautiful lips perfect eyebrows nose ears height hairline what's the word I'm looking for perfect you're perfect jealous bitches reading this bitching like why does he keep describing Alyssa but I'm not im writing down details of a Goddess that keeps appearing in my dreams like I woke up on the jet. gypsy quinceanera wedding ball items
Alyssa: Baby you mumble in ur sleep and who the fuck is Jackie and Melissa?
E: where are we? I was just rapping in my sleep boo their nobody
Alyssa: okay. In Hawaii it's our honeymoon silly you ready to unwind