gold prom dresses 2019

The calm ambience of the restaurant filled me with Peace as i sat at a table for two, towards the rear end of the room. The palm tree swaying outside added to the ambience. I sat, waiting patiently, but eagerly for my blind date.
I tried to imagine how she will turn up for the date and several questions filtered through my mind, topmost of which is, what will her outfit look like?
Don't blame me, i"m a fashion savvy person and my diehard love for good outfit can't be disputed, right from secondary school days, my friends know that my favourite slang has always been "Looking Good is a Big Deal" so, I guess, my date shouldn't look anything less than Good and Classy. I sincerely hope my risk for taking up the blind date challenge posed by my friends won't end in regret, and my friend is also in the restaurant, to give me "physical and mental support", as he claimed while setting out earlier.
I relaxed in the plush chair and waited patiently for her while browsing through my phone.
Few minutes later, she walked in after a couple entered, my guts tells me she is the one. She walked in, dressed in a shade of my favourite colour, tailored into a flowing gown, perfect for the evening, her fair complexion stood in a companionable commitment with the colour tone of the dress. Another look at the fabric as she walked past the swivel door towards the right side of the restaurant got a silent "Wow" escaping from my mouth and at that point,i agreed that there is another dimension to fashion which i"ve not grasped yet, the new dimension to that fashion is the ADIRE Designed Fabric. gold prom dresses 2019
She stopped momentarily, brought out her phone, saw her fiddling with the screen, then Pharrell"s "Happy" brought me back to earth, my eyes still fixed on the beauty standing some feet away, i picked the call.
She walked past the first table with a proud gait and regal steps, conscious of the looks of admiration on the face of everyone who watched her walk through the door, including a man who was on his knees and was at the point of proposing to his lady, the latter looked disturbed at the source of the beautiful distraction that just walked past.
With a flourish and a big smile on my face,i stood up to welcome the the beauty that made her way to my seat
And here she comes, the lady i"ve been patiently waiting for, she is my "Blind Date",the royalty that just walked in, looking exquisite in the indigenous ADIRE Material.
And yes, this is not going to be the Last Date........
You can never fail to make a show stopping impression when you wear an Adire material. Its suitability for all occasions makes it stand out
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