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Sunday, December 17
"New Moon of Love"
And Reclamation of the Holy Name of Isis

For this ritual you will need:
- a pink or white candle,
- a chunk or more of pink quartz, clear quartz, and/or angelite
- sage or copal to burn as incense
- Lavender and/or Rose essential oil
- Symbols of love such as hearts, pictures of kisses, hugs, teddy bears, dolls, Santa Claus, angels, pictures of joyful children, your wedding rings, whatever speaks to you of love.
- Something to carve the candle like an old ballpoint pen

Call the Quarters.
Call in all kind and benevolent ancestors.
Cast your circle.
Call in the Goddess Isis, She of 10,000 Names, She who Loves Her children beyond measure, forever heals, and is forever creating.

Light the cleansing incense.

Ask Isis to bless the candle, then carve it with the words Love, Peace, and Comfort. Then dress the candle with a few drops of the essential oil (or oils). Ask Isis to open the path for the projection of Love and Healing around the entire planet. Place around the candle the crystals mentioned above and whatever symbols of love you have.

Light the candle. Place your hands on either side of it and send the energy of Love into the candle and back into your own heart and life:
First visualize yourself wrapped in the White-Gold protective Light of the Goddess. Once that is solid, envision another layer, a layer of vibrant and soft Pink Light of Love and Comfort coming both from your own Heart Chakra and the Heart of Isis.
Then visualize expanding those two layers of light to surround your community, your country, larger and wider, larger and wider, larger, wider, until the entire world is covered in the Pink and White-Golden light of Love and Protection like a mystical cosmic blanket, a Comforter quilt for all beings. See all humans in a state of Peace and Comfort, able to tend to the needs of their loved ones and themselves, joyful and free. encore wedding dresses
Finally, envision the Great Goddess Mother Isis wrapping Her Brilliantly colored, iridescent Sacred Wings around the whole Earth as Her babies, Her children whom She loves eternally. Hold that vision for as long as you like.

Then open your eyes, knowing you have done something energetically which will bring change to the world.
Thank the beings you have called in with the Quarters.
Thank the Ancestors. Let them go is they wish.
Thank the Great Mother ISIS.
Open your circle. It is done. Change is coming to the Earth.

- Diane Horton