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I would like to share the most memorable images from my recent three-week sojourn in Italy, from one of my favorite cities in the world, Venice (of course!). Venice struck me on this third visit, as having the most wonderful combination of old and new, as always, the most creative window displays I've seen in my European/Russian travels, the most unique modern art, and of course, Titian's tomb and some of his most gorgeous paintings (he's my favorite artist of all time!), including the Assumption in I Friari Church. And, I discovered Canova (see his sculptures of the two lions, and the lady (Daphne?) in L'Accademia). These large hands were fashioned by the son of Anthony Quinn, L. Quinn, and symbolize the importance of the environment and protecting it, history and culture, and Venice. One of my friends found them not to her taste, but we were truly stunned and delighted. Also we loved these masks (steampunk, too!), La Rinacente window displays, and the torso-less sculpture we ran across in one gallery. We even found a corset wedding dress on a bride as we walked alongside the columns in St. Mark's Square and I was delighted! Of course I hardly resisted trying seven flavors of gellato throughout Italy (the best was in Pisa, however) Enjoy! discount wedding dresses