dark green prom dress

Paul Wolfe's very thorough FIG list!

Hallo Kameraden! Wow, this handy Checklist's first conception was way back in 2003! My very first GAP was in 1998 (20 years ago!?) and after 5 years of attending, I decided to create a packing list from my experience. I quickly learned, never take it for granted that you can remember everything! Obviously, this list is merely a suggestion. Don't panic at the extent of it! I recommend checking this list one last time before walking out the door on your way to The GAP/FIG (or ANY event.) I have heard from Kameraden who have checked this list at the last minute and said, "Holy Crap! My cell phone charger is still in the kitchen!" and then run back in the house. You'll see... I can't imagine the amount of flip flops (what!?), cellphone chargers and Chapstick that have been packed over the years. (This list is geared towards German reenactors, specifically 3PGD, but ANY impression will find it handy!) dark green prom dress

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**Love Note left for the Significant Other?** (You can thank me later...)

2.money/checkbook/ATM Debit/Credit card
3.cell phone/charger (plenty of electrical outlets in the Barracks, keep it hidden though!)
-white sheets for a TWIN mattress (WAL-MART)
-white pillow case (WAL-MART) (not necessary if using a German bedroll)
-pillow, white and blue striped (WAL-MART)
-blanket, grey wool
-bedroll, blue & white checkered postwar German (3PGD will issue to members)
-schemel (barracks stool), period repro
-handtowel, white period repro/postwar, "HU" stamped
-towels, white (WAL-MART, or stolen from a Hotel like mine)
-facecloth, white (WAL-MART)
-SOAP bar with bakelite/celluloid container
-shampoo (small container, or just use soap)
-flipflops/sandals/showerclogs (WAL-MART) (FARBY as hell but I don't recommend bare feet in the Latrine/Showers, Barracks floor gets quite dirty as well)
-shaving kit (hopefully period with shaving soap, mug, safety razor, aftershave, etc.)
-hair tonic/gel
-nail clippers
-foot spray/powder (TINACTIN Spray)
-Lip Balm
-shoeshine box, period wooden w/polish, brushes, laces, SNO-SEAL, etc.
-sewing kit, period w/thread, needles, scissors, buttons, etc.
-laundry/boot bag (hang from bunk post)
-shower bag (perfect for hiding non period personal items)
-lock, pad/combo (for your locker and beer cooler, a MUST!)
-clothing bag, Wehrmacht Issue (or correct repro)
-rucksack, Wehrmacht Issue (or correct repro)
-drinking cup, period (canteen cup works just fine, or a peroid stein)
-WOODEN clotheshangers, wire otherwise... (keep the plastic hangers at home!)
-Hankerchief, period/postwar German, otherwise plain white (COLD weather = runny nose)
5.UNIFORM (from "head to toe")
-steel helmet
-softcap, M43 preferred (or M38, M42)/peakcap for Dress
-toque/scarf, grey wool
-collar liner, issued or checkered cloth
-eye glasses, period only (No modern eyeglass frames!)
-greatcoat, M42 preferred, M40 OK, M36 for Walk Out Dress
-gloves, grey wool/leather for dress
-tunic, wool M43 preferred, M42 ok, M36/M40 for Walk Out Dress
-sweater, grey wool V-neck or round collar (Swiss)
-grey serviceshirt/sleepshirt/white Heer sport shirt (comfortable in the Barracks)
-erkennungsmarken (dogtag) w/ cord
-suspenders, period
-waistbelt, German Army issue
-wool trousers, M43 preferred, M37/M40 for Walk Out Dress
-underwear, period or white BOXER shorts/undershirt
-longjohns, Postwar East German/Swedish/Swiss (Sportsman's Guide), or *yuck* modern (WAL-MART) but better than freezing to death
-watch, period pocket/wrist, hand wound OR period "looking" modern watch
-socks, grey wool (or footwraps)
-boots, jack/ankle
-EM belt (leather)
-Y-straps (leather)
-ammo pouches, stitched or riveted
-bayonet and frog (leather)-dress bayonet & frog w/ Troddel
-e-tool and carrier (leather)
-Utencils, postwar German issue (nice to have in the Barracks) or spork
-messtin w/ strap, leather
-canteen w/ wool cover and cup
-zeltbahn (rolled), w/ 2 straps (leather)
-gasmask canister w/ gas cape bag
-A-frame w/ battlebag
-flashlight, period Feld Torch (nice for navigating a dark Barracks at 3AM)
-can opener, period
-pocketknife, period
-bakelite fat dish, originial or postwar (fits perfectly in the gasmask canister!)
-map case
-K98k, MP40, K/G43, etc
-sling, leather (who forgets a sling!? You'll see it!)
-BLANK ammo
-cleaning kit, period container (German ammo can) w/rod, patches, oil, solvent, etc.
-earplugs (cotton works)
-prescription meds
-TUMS, Maalox, Immodium AD
-FirstAid Kit, w/bandages, gauze, cotton balls, etc.
-cheese (Jarlsberg wedge)
-pepperoni/summer sausage/salami
-bread (pumpernickle, rye, Italian, canned brown bread, etc.)
-peaches/pears/mixed fruit in heavy syrup, tin can
-sardines in a tin
-chicken, deviled chicken in tin can
-tuna fish, tin can (any canned fish is perfect)
-SPAM in tin, Corned Beef in tin (usually has a handy "key" included for opening!)
-Canned ham
-oatmeal, instant packets (nicely made w/ "Scalding HOT" GAP tap water!)
-beef jerky
-Bring WAX paper, brown paper, string, etc. for packaging food
-Remove modern packaging or repackage your rations w/ period labels!
-teabags, (tea is nicely made w/ the hot GAP tap water!)
-coffee, instant packets (also nicely made w/ the GAP tap water!)
-coffee maker/pot (PERIOD electric Percolator! Keep the modern drip pot at home!)
-sugar, canned consense milk, evaporated milk (for coffee)
-BEER (B.Y.O. effing B!) Remove labels from modern bottles!
-WINE (Remove labels from modern bottles!)
*Perishables? Bring 'em! Outside the Barracks is the world's largest Refrigerator! Cheese, Half&Half, etc.*
-cigarettes (filterless)
-pipe, period
12.Camera, Period preferred, disposable cameras/or just use your cellphone camera
13.Radio/Victrola w/ records, (Get a period radio and "gut it" & install modern technology!)

wolfey's GAP Tips, GAP/FIG Rules, etc.:
-Keep NON-PERIOD items hidden at all times! "If it ain't right, keep it outta sight!"
-Plastic tubs go back in your vehicle after unpacking. Period wooden foot lockers, large wooden boxes, steamer trunks, etc. can stay, within reason.
-NO SMOKING in or near the barracks!
-NOTHING allowed on the fire escape! Keep coolers in a backroom or outside, ALWAYS COVERED with a SWISS squarebahn, grey wool blanket, mustard-yellow tarp, etc. **IF A COOLER IS NOT YOURS, THEN KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF IT! BEER GNOMES ARE FORBIDDEN!**
-Keep your locker locked at all times!
-Always WASH YOUR HANDS before leaving the latrine! Avoid the... GAP CRUD! (A nasty cold which commonly follows reenactors home from PA)
-FOOT CARE: I highly recommend wearing flipflops into the shower and/or spraying your feet with TINACTIN after your shower.
-Weatherproof your boots w/SNO-SEAL, Mink-Oil, Polish, etc. The Gap is known for puddles, slush, mud, snow, etc.
-WIPE YOUR FEET before you enter the barracks.
-At night, have some consideration for those who are asleep. (Enjoy the chorus of snoring/farting!)
-NO Jewelry except for wedding bands.
-Remove your cap when indoors and/or eating!
-Be courteous to others when eating at the "Choke And Puke" (CAP-Civil Air Patrol)
-Always have your cap on when outside.
-Have a period 1940's style haircut! Ask the barber for a "low skin fade," ie; long on the
top, and shaved up to just above the ears.
-NO facial hair of any kind!
-Clean up after yourself, especially in the bathroom. Rinse the sink after shaving!
-Keep you bunk area neat and locker organized.
-LOCKER: place helmet and gasmask canister on top, Bier Stein too if you have one.
-BUNK: made up tight with white sheets and blue checkered bedroll, name sign placed at the end with white "HU" stamped handtowel, schemels placed at the foot of bottom bunk, shoeshine kit under schemel, boots lined up under bottom bunk, laundry bag hung from rear bedpost.
-Remain IN CHARACTER as long as you are in uniform.
Conduct yourself in a MILITARY manner. No "visible" drunkeness will be tolerated (until after dark...!)
-Hobnails VS. Linoleum floors = HAMMERZEIT! Vorsicht! (I like to wear my leather sport shoes in the Barracks when possible)
UNIT Level:
-Dump a gallon of bleach in the shower, all over the walls and floor.
-Bring large trashbags for the trash barrels.
-Bring papertowels for spills.
-Bring brooms, dustpan/brush to sweep floor.
-Bring a period mop/buckle to swab the floor.
-Bring door mats for outside/inside the Barracks (please wipe your feet!)
-The tap water in the bathroom gets nice and hot, so bring packets of instant oatmeal, teabags, instant coffee, etc.
-Bring period lighting to eliminate the need for modern ceiling lights! It makes quite a difference!
-Bring extension cords for lighting/coffee pots/period radios, etc.
-Bring period photos, signs, etc. to GENTLY hang up in the Barracks. (Use removable sticky hooks?)
-Be sure to salute those of higher rank.
-Say "HI" to everyone, introduce yourself, don't be shy...we all love the same thing and chances are they are on the WH List/Facebook!

See you at THE GAP/FIG!
Im Kameradschaft, -Paul Wolfe