consignment items for prom party

tfw the disorder pops up randomly and you can't stop crying and you don't know why and your brain starts screaming that you're a giant piece of shit and you're like eh im not terrible but your brain is like nah bud you're definitely a catastrophic piece of shit 10/10 on the shit scale and you didn't have a necessarily bad day but now every single interaction you had is mortifying and you can't believe that anyone ever talks to you for any reason and they must all think that y consignment items for prom party ... ou're ugly and annoying and stupid and dropped out of college and have bad taste in board games and you have to do simple things like take out the trash and do laundry but you absolutely can't move and the thought of leaving the house is horrific and you are stuck with your stupid idiot brain that for some reason wants you to die even though you have great taste in witty t-shirts and bourbon

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