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Just reporting present scenarios!

Day back was to wholesale medicine market. It was surprising to see so many Ayurveda or Herbal medicines filling up the shelves. Some were of new pharmas, some locals & some of reputed brands. Well on date its this green world which engulfs the cosmetics & common medicine list!

ln reality the Ayurveda people have nothing to pride as I was shocked to be informed that only those having registered Allopathy Drug License can procure it from medicine wholesale market! The Ayurveda Medicine license is alone not sufficient...Yes be informed not only many Ayurveda medicines some OTC & cosmetics are now being dragged under Drug License! Am just naming simple examples only which were refused billing to a registered Ayurveda Centre (proprietor) who carried his validity but only for not having (Allo) Drug license! :- Amrutanjan Ayurvedic DeCorn Caps, Boroline Antiseptic Cream, Itone Eye Drops...Many of us may not be aware many such brands carry Ayurveda logos & ingri but are now falling under Drug List! That means you cant get all Ayurveda products in Ayurveda centre or shop...those in Drug list at Allo Chemist & those in Food list at Grocery shop! We just left - Its a true inci in a big chemist at Dawa Bazar, where the owner who knew us for 'being known' (of Ayurveda) and joined hands in Sorry for rules & legalization issued by body! But is the body 'Sorry'! cheap modest wedding dresses

'Hizack' is happening...Realisation is always slow & late...Well But it will be too late if eyes not opened now!

The other day a MR of a reputed Ayurveda pharma refused to attend or supply as he have been rather asked to focus on Allopath doctors! The new strategy of this company is mention themselves as 'Herbal' and entertain Allopathy doctors with promo schemes. And why not they have more counts of heads so big earning lies there! Nothing to hide: these are smart grown children who doesnt mind disrespecting mother! I was just blank but this strategy is today followed by most of Ayurveda brands, yes most, just diligently check out their marketing strategy!

Step mother showering false love is common! Do you know many reputed Allo pharma brands have and are coming up with Ayurveda products! Not believing? Just see the list of common prescribed medicines of Gastro, Rectal specialist & Gynaes includes many Ayurveda brands of Modern pharma companies beside of Ayu companies. Old wine & Cocktail sales well in new bottles!

Being courteous its not good to undress even the improper dressed in public...Being righteous its also not good to be coward and be silent of injustice!

Let the common public even know that MBBS pharmacology has only few new pages of 'Herbal' medicines which is reproducing. The new modified course at AIIMS plans to include some essentials only of Ayurveda tx. Therapies like Kshar Sutra (for fistula, piles) are now Thread surgery of theirs....Patents of herbs by big pharma...stealing of original formulations for manipulations & modernisation may be likened or 'research' but reality is Ayurveda is being hijacked from Ayurvedist only!

The growing green world we are seeing well this greener look is a painted one!

Hope those in power and those in their world listen to the inner consciousness and check of the hijack before being slave in ones own house!!

A kid somewhere is just pondering and screamed 'Hijack'! Excuse Me! :-)