champagne color cocktail party selections

So tell me if i was wrong.
I stopped pass my homeboys house and they had like a party going on. It was mostly niggas but there were a few females in there as well. One in particular wore a tight fitting pink dress and had really long legs. There was a great amount of drinking going on and smoking as well but through the clouds of smoke i see this young lady checking me out. In due time i engaged in convo with her and she informed me she was here with a dude. Wasnt a dude i knew tho. It was all fam so it had to be a plus one nigga cuz i aint kno him. Long story short we crept into the basement, moved shit around and found the back door. We broke out like Harriet was guiding us out. We hit the alley, ran up parkheights and jumped in a hack to my house. I would never cross my homeboy but i didn't kno this nigga. So Was i wrong? champagne color cocktail party selections