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PSA: don't ever get the nexplanon birth control.

I've debated all day posting this personal info on Facebook but I figured if I can save someone else the trouble, why not? It seems so convenient when you're looking for long term birth control. It lasts 3 years and requires no effort once it's inserted. I read horror stories about getting it removed which didn't bother me, I still went through with getting it. Got it put in in the beginning of January. Got it removed 5 weeks ... ago, the end of August. The day I got it removed marked a 3.5 week long headache which started one morning when I woke up and realized I couldn't see out of the top half of my right eye. It wasn't a normal headache. I couldn't keep my eyes open outside, I couldn't stand doing my homework or even looking at my phone. The spots of black went away and came back, eventually I made the decision to get off of all of my medications, including birth control. 3-4 days after it was removed, the headache was minor... Nothing Excedrin couldn't take care of. Thought it was all done and over with until I went to my eye doctor Friday and she said my optic nerve is swollen. She suggested more scans of my optic nerve and an MRI of my brain... Went to my gynecologist today for my regular annual exam and took it upon myself to mention what the eye doctor told me (my GYN obviously knew I was seeing the eye doctor because of the vision loss) my gynecologist didn't tell me anything FOR SURE because nothing can be definite until further tests are done. Anywho, she mentioned something called pseudotumor cerebri (me being the hypochondriac I am, I googled it) which is actually linked to hormonal birth control. There are lawsuits because of this... If this is indeed my issue, I'm not the only person. Google it. black lace wedding dress

Spread the word... Besides my GYNO, not a single one of my doctor's knew what nexplanon was or how it worked. Like I said, I read horror stories and nothing convinced me not to get it but now I wish I would've done more research. Listen the things your body is telling you... No one knows your body better than you do. Never thought I'd see the day by gynecologist was working with my eye doctor lol like I said I don't have an official diagnosis, but it is definitely something to think about.

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