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But when we trap we are responsible. We check traps often. We do not leave over night. We do not trap in a busy area without staying there. We do not trap under a certain temp. In the summer we trap in shade.

This boy is a example of cruel trapping practices. A business in this town wanted to get a badger gone so they left the trap open, unchecked. Someone finally noticed there was a cat in it and called us.No one there knew how long this friendly cat had been in the trap. Too weak to move it took sub-q fluids and food forced into its mouth. He is on pain meds and antibodics and fluid therapy. The bowel movements were black tarry blood. This morning it was still alive. If it makes it all but one of his nine lives is gone. JuneBridals low-v backless outfits for formal

We were told if we told anyone this happened at this business they would never call us for help again if another cat is trapped.

The trap was reset and is back there again.

There ought to be a law.