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Funny how words play;"losing his marbles" As a loser all my life, I actually know what this meant. a long time ago. I could give any less a care how people use it today.

I remember carrying a sack of marbles. And playing my first wagering game on the ground, in the dirt. I came to enjoy playing in the dirt. but it took years. Anyway, you draw a circle in the sand(or gravel) at a school yard mostly. then you and your opponents toss in whatever amount of marbles you were willin ... g to wager.You shoot until you miss. You take your shooter and with your thumb shoot at marbles in the circle. You had to knock a marble out of the circle to have a successful "shot" I came to like shots too, but that too took years. I digress. If you knocked your or your opponents marble out of the circle, you got to keep it. The older kids usually took the younger kids marbles. if you "lost your marbles, you at least had wagered everything you had. You had "played the game" and "given it your best shot" Many expressions can be attributed to these games of chance. Best Flower Girl Dresses 2020

If you think "losing your marbles" is like going crazy, you probably never even played marbles. Please try to speak of things of which you have some personal experience. To paraphrase Shakespeare; It is better to have played and lost, that to never have played at all."

So when you say "Steve's lost his marbles." You are correct, but you might not even know why.

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