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Jonathan: I have emailed Diana Terris today(Head of the council) - too many people are getting hurt with these 'Mickey Mouse' negotiations. I told her about how desperate parents are and how the LA SEND services are really crap. I was polite and respectful - I asked for a meeting as I feel that I personally have done enough to warrant at least an hour of her time. I am not more important than any SEND parent but for the last 22 months I have given it my 'heart' and soul. I go ... t a reply an hour ago and she has recommended that I follow the complaints procedure. I wanted a caring 'ear' not a policy. I guess there is no place for dinosaurs like me anymore but I will not stop - I just now consider that I am no longer in positive negotiations with our LA. Im confident that there will be many that will enjoy reading this and that is something I knew would happen because nothing ever changes without people disagreeing. I would like to ask that we complete a poll that will mark where we stand as SEND parents in September 2017. Please don't let your direct personal experience drive your answer, that might sound strange but what I mean is try to think about all the conversations you have - good or bad, all the stuff you read, all the things you post and then offer a general grade of our SEND services. Amongst certain quarters of the parenting World the perception is that if it is not super negative then I wont be happy. You simply could not be further from the truth - if you answer completely honestly, answer in a way that you would be happy to tell the most vulnerable parent you have met or seen and be able to justify your decision to them - then I will be happy. The only thing that will make me unhappy is if we can't achieve 100 respondents. What about it then - put your dislike of me to one side and draw a line in the sand in September 2017. We all owe it to our children and their futures. x Genuine love to you all x 5th grade graduation dresses


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As a SEND parent, If you were asked to grade the Barnsley area SEND services overall to an inspector: 5 = 'absolutely top-draw brilli... Vote Now! [5 = Outstanding] [4 = Very Good] [3 = Good] [2 =Requires Improvement] [1 = Inadequate]strawpoll.me